Over 30 years of experience in computer-based education, including:

Web Design and Development, Digital Audio Engineering, curriculum development and computer lab management, both at college and corporate training level.


Vast experience in audio and multimedia production,including:

Composing, producing, mastering, streaming web audio and audio for picture. Specializes in the use of Avid systems including Pro Tools and various other audio software.


Experienced in all phases of web design, XR design and development, using a variety of tools including:

Unity, C#, PHP, JavaScript, HTML5,  WordPress. Specializes in front and back end design, cross platform compatibility and delivery, as well as image design and digital imaging software.

Student & Colegue Testimonials

razi portrait feb 2020

Raz (Russ) Ben-Ezzer

Born in New York, grew up in Israel. Served in the Israel defense forces, military intelligence, first Sargent, honorably discharged. Studied Film and TV at Tel-Aviv University and sound recording.

Raz Relocated to Florida in 1990 and has been teaching since then to present day as full time instructor and ranked professor at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Specializing in web design and development, all aspects of audio recording and production, and curriculum development.

In 2007 completed a Doctoral degree (PhD) from Nova South Eastern University in Computing Technology in Education. During same period, Ben-Ezzer worked as an independent multimedia producer. he designed and produced a variety of multimedia projects, including web sites and Audio.

Clients include:

  • The commodores (1997-2002, house engineer, several projects including 25th anniversary video)
  • Digital Media Arts College, Boca Raton
  • CBS "the Fugitive", TV series 2000 special effects, web screens, effects, screen design.
  • Motorola USA (several internal projects, including instruction)
  • Baby Eyes D Adventures in Seeing (DVD)
  • Orange county- CA (CD-ROM for driver safety, 2001)
  • Miami herald (CD-ROM for sales and advertising promotion, 2002)